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All Members must be baptized in the Orthodox Faith





A. Members of the church-School Congregation are parishioners of Saint Petka who have voluntarily obligated themselves to support the church both materially and morally.

B. Goals of the Church-School Congregation:

    1. To unite families and individuals of the Serbian orthodox faith on the territory of the Saint Petka Church- School Congregation in the community of faith, in the spirit of Orthodox Christian respect, to encourage individuals to work on their salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, a pious and sacramental life in His Holy Church.

    2.  To advance spiritual, cultural, and educational activities among members, instruct them in the tenets of the Serbian Orthodox Church, church and national history, customs, and to encourage the preservation of the Serbian heritage and language.

    3. To strengthen its members in the Orthodox faith and morals and to propagate the spirit of mutual love, respect, and unity among its members.

    4. To work on construction of homes for the elderly and other needed objects, and their maintenance of the property of the Church-School Congregation which serve to regulate local needs.

B. Requirements for Membership:

    1. Persons who are qualified to become members of this Church-School Congregation are Orthodox men and women who obligate themselves and promise to aid this Church-School Congregation morally and materially and to live according to the teachings of the Serbian Orthodox Church and faith.

        a. Candidates for membership must be at least 18 years old.

        b.  The Executive Board of the Church-School Congregation, at their regular meeting, renders decisions by majority vote on the acceptance or rejection of a candidate.

        c.  A person who is not accepted as a member must be notified by letter. He or she has the right to appeal to the Diocesan Executive Board within fourteen (14) days from receipt of the notice.

    2. A person Who desires to become a member of this Church-school Congregation must complete the standard membership applications forms. The application form contains the necessary information relative to the candidate as determined by the Diocese, to enable the Parish Priest and Executive church Board to evaluate his qualifications for membership.

    3. The decision of the Diocesan Executive Board on appeal is final and obligatory for both sides.

    4. No one can be a regular member of more than one Church-School Congregation.


C. RESPONSIBILITIES OF MEMBERS: Members in good standing of this Church-School Congregation are those persons who regularly fulfill their spiritual and moral obligations to the Church and Church-congregation and who also, with their exemplary Christian life, fulfill other requirements prescribed for members of this Church-School Congregation:

    1. Is a member in good standing of this Parish;

    2. Is at least 18 years of age;

    3. Is of exemplary life and behavior according to the moral teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church:

    4. Is ready at all times to defend the interest of the Serbian OrthodoxChurch and Orthodoxy in general.

    5. Enjoys the good reputation of a pious Christian and good citizen, and is a fruitful member of this Church-School Congregation:

    6. Participates regularly in the worship of church according to his/her circumstances;

    7. Receives regularly the Holy Sacraments of confession and communion in his/her Parish Church and performs other Christian duties prescribed by the Church.

    8. Is obedient to the rules of the by-laws of the church-School Congregation, decisions of higher bodies, and rules of the Serbian Orthodox Church;

    9. To show respect toward the Parish Priest and other clergy.

    10. To aid and further spiritual and material progress of this church-School Congregation and the Serbian Orthodox Church in general.



After being members in good standing for at least six (6) months, they have the privileges and obligations which are as follows:

    1. Attend Annual Assembly meetings, regular membership meetings, participate in discussion, vote in accordance with the rules of these by-laws and special rules and regulations;

    2. Attend by invitation only the Executive Board meetings, make suggestions and proposals;

    3. Enjoy privileges regarding various church taxes, which are prescribed for membership of this Church-School Congregation;

    4. Entitle wife/husband of the member in good standing to all privileges except the right to vote at Annual Assembly or regular meetings of the membership;

    5. A non-Orthodox husband/wife of a member cannot be elected to the Executive Board of this Church-School Congregation;

    6. After being a member in good standing for one (1) year, a member may be elected to the Executive Board of this Church-School Congregation provided he fulfills the requirements as determined by these By-Laws.


E. The following persons cannot be members of this Church- School Congregation:

    1. Persons who are proven to have scandalized others by their immoral conduct and life:

    2. Persons who can be proven to work against the Church, Diocese and Orthodoxy;

    3. Those who openly admit and can be proven to be anarchists, communists, nihilists, and bigamists, and those who openly support them.


F. CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP - Membership ceases by:
   1. Death of a member:

    2. Voluntary decision;

    3. Transfer from the territory of this Church-school Congregation and taking membership of another Church-School Congregation;

    4. Sentence by ecclesiastical court decree;

    5. Embezzlement of church property in which case the Executive Board brings charges in local civil court for compensation:

    6. A member whose membership dues are in arrears for three (3) years (may renew his rights by his obligations for three (3) years).


-Voting Rights

-Can Hold Board Position on Church Board or Any Auxiliary Board

-Free Use of Church for Weddings (Reg. Price $1,000)

-Discounted Hall Rentals (50%)

-Discounted Avala Membership (50%)


$200 per Head of Household

($100 for Senior Citizens)

Dues are for the Calendar Year and are required in full each January 31




By Mail

Српска Православна Црква Св. Петка

St. Petka Serbian Orthodox Church

Сан Маркос, Калифорнија - San Marcos, California

1854 Knob Hill Road
San Marcos, Ca 92069
(760) 916-5802

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