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Prerequisites for Baptisms

1. Active Church Membership

A Baptism is a privilege that requires a commitment on behalf of the parents to raise the child in the Orthodox Church. If parents are not active members of the Church, you must demonstrate a desire to become active for the sacrament to be approved. Parents are the primary role models for their children in living a committed life to Christ. Commitment to Christ is expressed in regularly attending Sunday liturgy, participating in the sacramental life of the Church and being a current Steward of the Church.

Note: If parents themselves are not regularly attending an Orthodox Church, an appointment should be made with the priest in order to discuss the situation.


2. “Good Standing” Requirements for an Orthodox Christian

Married in the Orthodox Church. If you were not married in the Orthodox Church, your marriage needs to be blessed in the Church in order to be in good standing. This is not required prior to baptizing a child but arrangements ought to be made to have the marriage blessed in the Church.  A Pledged Steward of an Orthodox Church for the current year. Actively attending the divine services on Sundays.


3. Choosing a Sponsor or Godparent: In the Baptismal service, the Church requires a Sponsor/Godparent (Kum– male, Kuma – female). The Godparent is the one who vouches for the child and the family as to the sincerity of the reasons why they are seeking baptism. In addition, the godparents serve to guide, teach, and counsel their godchildren in the Orthodox faith. The Church requires that the Godparent be an Orthodox Christian in good standing; there are no exceptions to this rule. The priest can help couples in the selection of godparents if needed.


4. Requirements to Serve as a Godparent

The following requirements must be met if you wish to serve as the child’s godparent:

  • Must be an Orthodox Christian.

  • A registered Steward of an Orthodox Parish.

  • If married, must be in an Orthodox Church.

  • If married in the Orthodox Church and are now divorced, they need to obtain an Ecclesiastical Divorce Decree.

  • A parishioner may serve as a sponsor in another Parish by presenting a letter of good standing from his or her home Parish Priest.

By participating in the sacrament in this manner, the Godparent is making a pledge to guide and support their Godchild.


5. Godparent Customs

Note: It is customary for the Godparent to bring their Godchild to Holy Communion for three consecutive Sundays after the Baptism. This is done in order to form the habit of frequent communion for the child.


6.  Scheduling Your Baptism

To schedule a baptism you must contact the Church office.  The printing of invitations should not be done until the date and time for the baptism has been confirmed with the Priest.  To rent one of our halls, contact our Hall Manager.  


Naming the Child: If the child was not given a Christian name (a saint’s name) one must be selected. The giving of a Christian name establishes a life long relationship between the child and their saint.

Length of the Baptism: The Baptism service is approximately 45 minutes long.


Fees:  There are no fees required for a Baptism.  Donations to the church and/or priest are accepted.



The following items are either provided by the parents or the Godparents.  For infants/toddlers, please remove all clothing and diapers prior to the immersion.

  • Cross & Chain

  • White Outfit for after the Service

  • Towel

  • Candle


Српска Православна Црква Св. Петка

St. Petka Serbian Orthodox Church

Сан Маркос, Калифорнија - San Marcos, California

1854 Knob Hill Road
San Marcos, Ca 92069
(760) 916-5802

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